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FAQs and Info

Are your item reproductions?

No, matchbook covers are very rarely reproduced as they do not usually have the value that would prompt anyone to spend the time to fake them.

Where did you get this item?

I buy collections. Matchbooks were traded heavily in the old days so everything ended up everywhere.

Does this item still have the matches?

No, the most common way to store, display, and trade was to remove the matches. Please view the photos and you will see that items are flat. I may sell full books in the future, but will specify if they are full.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Refer to the link for coupon codes. I do not do discounts for quantities lower than the codes refer to. Also asking for a discount on one item will not generate a response.


Default shipping on smaller orders is via regular letter envelope. If you would like secured first class shipping then upgrade. If the quantity ordered is 10+ I pay for the upgrade.

Free Items:

I do not donate to libraries, museums, historical societies, ect. Please do not ask.


Wear: shows some wear

Worn: heavy wear

Poor: Self Explanitory

Bobtail: Striker has been removed. Item is poor due to this.

Sizes and Terms:

Feature: Has Lion Feature manumark

20 Strike: Standard Size

30 Strike: 30 Strike Size is 1.5x as wide as 20 Strike

30 Stick: Lion Manumark, same size as 30 Strike

40 Strike: Double the size of 20 Strike

40 Stick: Lion Manumark, Same size as 40 Strike

21 Strike Feature: Lion Manumark same size as 30 Strike

22 Strike Feature: Lion Manumark same size as 40 Strike

SAMPLE: Salesman's Sample

DQ: Diamond Quality manumark from 1920's to 1930's